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Benefits Of Honey

Honey is one of the most valuable foods and is rich in the most beneficial vitamins, including organic matter, inorganic mineral, natural sugars, all kinds of vitamins. For its production, the honey bee sucked the nectar with the best flowers and turned nectar into a flavorful, vitamin Ayur, a fresh and healing honey.

Advice to honey consumers

Consumers should note that if they want to use honey with warm solutions such as boiling water, milk, porridges and decoctions of herbs, be sure to add honey to them after honey, to preserve the honey’s health stay.

The wonders of honey and bees

For the production and processing of each kilogram of natural honey, the honeybee should move from 120 to 150 thousand times the nectar, and from 10 million flowers, nectar is taken and the distance spans seven times around the planet. The life of a worker’s bee is about 45 days, during which he never sleeps.

Organic honey production

  • The following should be considered in the production of organic honey:
  • Honey beehives are to be made of natural materials (wood and board or non-polymeric materials)
  •  Wax in the hive should be made of natural wax (preferably by the bee itself)
    Reuse of wax After honey is removed from the production of organic honey, it is forbidden to use honey and pollen from the beet feed as early as the beginning of the winter season and during the production period when there is a shortage of nectar in the area.

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